Share in Nature's Harmony


We’re called “The Friends” for a reason.

It begins with a nine-year-old girl who would rather play in the woods than pan over a painted landscape behind an inch of glass. It petitions that you mourn, if only slightly, how the pursuit of an idyllic modern society has too often neglected the very indigenous habitat that made this all possible in the first place. It demands you appreciate the natural forces that sustain you and all other life. It flourishes upon your realization that an appreciation of our environment is not simply limited to “preserving” it. As one of its rightful creations you maintain the innate power to advance it further. And play your role in the perpetual motion of nature.

Did you know if you don’t cut your grass too close to the water’s edge you can allow other life forms to take shape? And those life forms will give life to other life forms? And that this cycle continues until it comes back to you? That’s what it means to share in nature’s harmony.

Some people call it caring, but it’s much bigger than that. It’s much bigger than us. We’ll never be able to describe perfectly the complexity of its beauty.And that’s exactly why we’re here.

Our Mission

Friends of Reinstein Woods (incorporated as Friends of Reinstein Nature Preserve) is a volunteer-led, nonprofit organization that supports the environmental education programs offered by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation at Reinstein Woods. We provide vital financial and volunteer support for programs aimed at school children, teachers, youth from underserved neighborhoods, and the general public. We also support stewardship projects designed to protect and restore the natural habitats at Reinstein Woods. View our annual report to see all that we accomplished in 2014. View our strategic plan as we develop our future.

The Mission of Friends of Reinstein Woods is to promote knowledge of nature through awareness, appreciation, and stewardship of the unique and diverse environment of Reinstein Woods and its programs.