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Nature Sightings

May 4, 2017

With the recent surge in rainfall, water levels in the ponds are very high. Spring has sprung and many of the trees are leafing out. You may catch a glimpse of trout lily flowering in the older patches of forest. May apples will soon be flowering too. In wetter areas, cuckoo flower is showing its blossoms. The Baltimore orioles have returned, and you can often hear their melodious call in the feeder area. Soon they will be weaving their hanging sack nests. Palm, yellow-rumped, and black-throated green warblers have been spotted filtering through the preserve. They will soon vanish under the cover of larger leaves. Rose-breasted grosbeaks have also been seen at our feeders. Fern fiddle heads are unfurling. Mourning cloak butterflies have left their tree cavity retreats to rest on sunlit leaves. Red admiral butterflies and green darner dragonflies have migrated north to the preserve. American toad trills have already quieted, but listen for spring peepers peeping and the “gunk” of green frogs on your next visit. May the Fourth be with You.

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