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Nature Sightings

February 28, 2017

What do you do when it approaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit in February? Many people get outside to soak up the sun and warmth. Many animals are doing the same. There are already painted turtles that are basking on pond logs in the preserve. The mild weather and rains have likely awakened spotted salamanders which will soon make their journey to our vernal pools. Most of the year these salamanders are underground. Spring peeper frogs are peeping along the perimeter of ponds and marshes. Red-winged blackbirds, an early migrant, sing in the cattail marshes. Next time you are on a highway, look for turkey vultures soaring on updrafts during on their migration North. Black-capped chickadees have turned to their “fee bee” call. Local sugar maple trees are being tapped early for sap to make maple syrup. Soon, spring ephemeral flowers will be carpeting the forest and frog choruses will echo through the preserve.

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