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Green Your Office for the Holidays with a Dish Library!

November 14, 2017

holiday place settingAs the holidays approach, here’s a great idea to make your office parties more sustainable: establish a Dish Library! Ask office mates to donate reusable plates, bowls, cups, forks, knives, and spoons that can be stored in a central office location (a file cabinet or kitchenette cupboard works well). The dishes can be borrowed for meetings, birthdays, lunches etc. that otherwise might involve buying disposable products. You can have a formal sign-out system, or opt to let people use them as needed.

It’s a great way to reduce waste and save money! So put that old “I Love My Dog” mug sitting in your cupboard to use, get rid of the giant “I Love Vegas” stein that your buddy gave you after his last trip, and add your grown daughter’s My Little Pony dish set to the library!

Thanks to the DEC Sustainability Committee for this idea. For more ideas to make your holidays sustainable, visit DEC’s Sustainable Holidays webpage.

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